Sworn Fiscal Advisory Services

Sworn Fiscal Advisory Services

Tax Certification Services

Certification of tax payers yearly income and corporate tax statements, and related attachments is provided within the year, according to professional ethics and Under the Law No:3568. Our tax experts visit our clients monthly to examine and audit their firm records. This way, tax risks can be taken care of before they even exist, and firms can get all the help they need from our experts to plan their taxes. By calculating and reporting taxes in accordance with the tax legislation, tax risks are minimized.

Transfer Pricing and Taxes

Transfer pricing is an important reason of tax inspection by the authorities. Our experts will make sure to minimize the number of issues that can rise during a tax inspection by identifying potential problems and getting ready the necessary documentation.

Indirect Tax Services

Tax return and certification services for indirect taxes like Value Added Tax, Private Consumption Tax, and Private Communication Tax.

Certification and Consultation Services Related to Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations

Advisory on sustainability of conditions for tax exemption, the annual certification report services for tax exempted nonprofit organizations in accordance with the tax legislation.

Tax Payment Planning

Providing industry-specific analysis, and company X-rays, specifying tax risks and precautions, developing solutions on tax incentives, exemptions, deductions according to the tax legislation that are acceptable to the tax authorities.

Accounting and Financial Management

Keeping books and documents in accordance with legal regulations, and examination of the accounting records and sharing the results with company management so that deficiencies that may arise are prevented. Tax Due Diligence Audits to reveal tax risks and incompatibilities related to previous periods.

Inflation Accounting Applications

We deliver the accurate and reliable information and timely high-quality service with our competent and experienced personnel during the application periods of inflation accounting to many domestic and foreign-owned organizations. Application of inflation accounting includes determination of monetary and non-monetary assets of the firm, historical details of the assets that are subject to inflation adjustments, calculating corrections coefficients, the inflation-adjusted financial statements, and the tax base and preparing the tax statement.

Incentives, Grants and Other Support

Providing advisory and preparing evaluation reports for incentives and grants from TÜBİTAK- TEYDEP, other public institutions and European Union Funds.

Turkish Commercial Code Services

Ensuring that the companies comply with the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, advising on the preparation of the financial statements and annual reports. Capital and equity management, investigations to detect potential insolvability in advance, the reports on the determination of the share capital , determining the amounts that can be added to the capital from internal sources, reports on the capital increase and/or reduction, and other specifically purposed reports.

Labor and Social Security Legislation Related Services

Providing human resources services to companies we advise, finding the candidates that fit their needs and requirements, doing interviews with the candidates as needed, assisting with final elimination and personnel choice.

Controlling personnel payrolls from a standpoint of social security legislation, identifying applicable exceptions and discounts and related benefits, assessing personal files and implementing labor law requirements.

Customs and International Trade

We provide advisory services to companies planning and managing of customs duties and sales taxes, import and export regulations, foreign trade incentives, and processes on internal control and consulting services regarding the sale.

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